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Dear Italian Association Members and Friends: “Get to know our Members”.

With this in mind we are continuing the interviews of the Italian Association members that supported our first Italian Festival (April 2014).

We had very positive feedback from all of you on my first interview with Stefano Fabbri.

Now I am presenting to you Fabio Ceschetti, Owner of Fabio On Fire (, a valid and creative contributor to our First Italian Festival. By the way during the Festival - I stopped more than once at his stand to satisfy my palate with his delicious soft amaretti!

Fabio was born in Domodossola, a beautiful little town (with less than twenty thousand people, in the Piedmont region in northern Italy), at the foot of the Italian Alps at the border with Switzerland.

Fabio was raised by a family of restaurateurs. His maternal grandparents, Rocco and Marianna, started Il Barcantonio Restaurant and owned other restaurants in Domodossola. Rocco and Marianna passed down their family recipes (originating from the Puglia region) to Fabio. His grandparents and mother, Felicetta, have been the ones injecting Fabio with the passion for food, while teaching him traditional recipes and their cooking secrets.

At the Mellerio Rosmini College, Fabio got his 5-year Hospitality & Tourism degree.

After spending few seasons in Domodossola, Fabio decided to expand his horizons and embrace the Cruise Industry, joining Princess Cruises and building his international experience for 12 years, while learning from his dear friend Chef Cereda.

Missing relatives and his hometown, Fabio decided to go back to Domodossola to manage the family business, Il Barcantonio, for another 5 years, to be of help to his aging parents. After Fabio married Jennifer and moved to the US in 2005, the decision was made to sell Il Barcantonio.

Once in Phoenix, Fabio worked for a number of Italian restaurants before launching his own business, Fabio On Fire, in 2013. The guiding principles of Fabio On Fire are quality, authenticity and originality. As a 100% mobile business, the first year of business focused on farmers markets as well as private caterings. Looking forward to the upcoming season, he is expanding to include special events and wholesale opportunities. His mobile, wood-fired pizza oven imported from Italy and mounted on a trailer allows him to be anywhere, from special events, to corporate events, to private parties, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. He enjoys the variety in venues and direct interaction with all of his customers.

Fabio’s pizza and bread have continuously made the Top 10 list in Phoenix. With 30 years of experience cooking in a wood-fired oven, Fabio is an expert “pizzaiolo” or professional pizza-maker trained in Italy. To this day, he continues to receive messages from those in Italy who miss his pizza. He has also met tourists from Italy and Switzerland who said that they used to travel specifically to Il Barcantonio for his pizza. It’s a small world! With all his years of education and training in Italy as well as generations of family recipes – Fabio is an all-around Chef who prepares fabulous entrees, desserts, baked goods in addition to pizza and bread.

Fabio On Fire is throwing more wood on its fire and hopes to see you at an upcoming event like the next Italian Festival (March 21-22, 2015)!


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