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A valley tradition since 1974. Avanti is the recipient of many prestigious culinary awards. You are sure to enjoy every aspect of dining at Avanti; from the sophisticated decor and…

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Dolce Vita

After years of corporate stress in Bergamo, Italy, Walter and Marti decided to make their passion for gelato into a career. They attended the Gelato University near Bologna and then…

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Sogno Toscano

Sogno Toscano has been producing olive oil since 1923, and in 2007 we began introducing our products to the best restaurants and chefs in the United States. Understanding the needs…

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Fantastica Italia

Fantastica Italia’s values are rooted in three basic principles: outstanding customer service, attention to details, and innovative travel planning (i.e. off the beaten trails).

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Pomo Cucina

Pomo Cucina & Pizzeria Napoletana has two locations, one in Phoenix and the other in Scottsdale. Visit their website for more information! Return to the Member Directory…

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Tutti Santi

For the past 15 years Tutti Santi by Nina has set the standard for fine and authentic Italian dining in the greater Phoenix valley, with 3 extraordinary locations, combining exceptional…

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Italy is famous also for its design and Trementi Jewelry is the best example of the Italian ability to design precious and luxury items                                         

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Cactus Candy

Cactus Candy is a family owned and operated business that was established by Amelio Casciato in 1996. Amelio being an Italian immigrant has always strived to “Do Better”.

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Ciao Bambolini

It is entertainment and education wrapped in fun! Italian style! Shot with real live character and awesome illustrations. The only children's show of its kind.

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Forno Fabbri

At Forno Fabbri, we infuse the past into the present. With authentic cooking methods our bakery runs thick wit the very essence of Italian baking.                                    

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Marcellino Restaurant

Marcellino Chef born, raised & trained in Italy, his roots are steeped in all facets of food & wine. Chef loves to educate & engage his guests in the fine art of Italian cuisine.

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Guido's Chicago

Guido’s Italian delicatessen market has been open in Scottsdale, AZ since 1983. You can get authentic Italian groceries, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, pasta, Italian meats, Italian cheeses and more.


BlueDoor Ceramics

Christiane Barbato's Ceramics: my ceramics are organic shaped and I work mostly with slabs. I make handmade tableware, plates, bowls, decoration Items..


Queen Creek Olive Mill

Queen Creek Olive Mill owners Perry and Brenda Rea left the chilly Detroit for Phoenix to pursue their dream of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Fiat is the most famous car brand in Italy. During the economic boom after WWII, FIAT provided cars to the entire Italy and some of their models are still famous like the 500!



Cosanti produces windbells. Paolo Soleri is the designer of the most famous WindBells in the Valley.                                                          


Celestial Sin

Jewelry by Celestial Sin: Off the Rack & Personal Design by Celeste Sinaly Colloca                                                                                                          


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