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Forno Fabbri

Forno Fabbri

At Forno Fabbri, we infuse the past into the present.
Using the same oven, craft cooking method and recipes for our products since 1949, the very essence of authentic Italian baking runs thick at Forno Fabbri.

It all began in a small town tucked away in the hills of Rimini, when my grandfather Antonio Fabbri opened a bakery known as “Panificio Fabbri” more than 60 years ago. After hiring a master baker from a nearby village to craft their baking method and cooking process, my grandfather, father and uncle managed the bakery… which is still in the hands of our family today.

Using age-old recipes from my grandfather and additional machinery like a spiral mixer with handmade wood blades from Italy, it’s no wonder our well-known Spianata Slogliata has received its authentic certification. This certification and a kind of DOP, certifies that the product retains the same values, characteristics and methods of the past. We’ve also passed on from generation to generation without any modification or alteration.

This, we guarantee. Stop in and see for yourself.

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