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Italian Book Club by Italian Association of Arizona

THE ITALIAN BOOK CLUB, sponsored by Marti and Walter Bergamaschi of Gelato and Grocery La Dolce Vita and the Italian Association of Arizona, are making available to you an interesting Library of Italian Books, a rich collection of almost 400 titles (pls. refer to the attachement for details of titles and authors).

Where: Gelato and Grocery La Dolce Vita
5251 E Brown Rd # 104 (Brown & Higley)
Mesa AZ 85205
tel : 480 641 2482


  • 1 Year Book Club Membership: $10 ($5 for new books and $5 for IA).
  • Up to 3 books can be checked out at the same time.
  • Books to be returned within 30 days.
  • Members will be charged 25 cents/day for delay in returning books (to be used for purchasing new titles).
  • After 60 days and a last call, memebers will be charged cost of replenishing books.

All books are part of the Bergamaschi’s collection and Mr. Joe Gold‘s donation.

At the same time, we encourage additional donations of books from all of you, providing they are in good conditions and in Italian .
Not to mention, we are ready to listen to your comments and suggestions.



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