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Tiziana Epis - Italian Artist

"Native of Milan,Italy, art has been present in my life since I was born. Educated in a city rich of museums, art galleries and in a country nest of culture, I have been constantly exposed and inspired to create and to express myself through fine art works.

I believe in the improvisation and spontaneity of gestural painting and free brushstrokes as a way to convey the beauty of figurative and non-figurative images and provoke an emotive response.

I strive, through my works, to communicate excitement using color, transparency and organic materials as Japanese papers, cardboards,newspapers,burlap, etc, as a way to visually enrich the content in my paintings."

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Special Discount 10% to Italian Association Members

  • "Alle 5 Terre" 24"x24" mixed media on canvas
    $ 800
  • "Presenze"                 36"x36"             mixed media on canvas     
        $ 2100
  • "Paradiso perduto" 36"x36" mixed media on canvas  
      $ 2100
  • "Conoscenza" 36"x36" mixed media on canvas
      $ 2100
  • "Foliage" 36"x36" mixed media on canvas
    $ 2100
  • "Bella con orecchino" 36"x24" Drawning $800
  • "Nudo di donna" 36"x24" Drawning $800
  • "Contrasto d;immagini" 36"x24" Drawning $800
  • "Senza titolo" 30"x48" mixed media on canvas
    $ 2800
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