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Our Vision

The Italian Community of Arizona consists of:

  • About 2,000 Families that are first Italian Generation born in Italy,
  • About 10,000 people, born in Italy, that became American Citizens,
  • About 200,000 +/- Americans Citizens of Italian descendents of second or third generation in US.

This community values their Italian origins, background and Italian Culture, but in Arizona has never been collectively organized around an Italian Activity Center where to promote participation to Italian Cultural Events, Italian Business Initiatives, Italian Language Classes, Italian Community Activities, etc.
In a few words, in Arizona we are missing our “rendez vous” Italian area.

Our goal

To create Arizona’s very own Little Italy.
Our vision is to be able to gather in time the necessary financial resources to create an “All Italian Center” with services in support to the Italian/American Community of Arizona

Our Mission

The Italian Association (IA) is a private, non-profit 501-(c)-(3), non political membership organization open to the Italian and American Community of Arizona and to the Arizona University Students that have an interest in developing their understanding and knowledge of Italy

Our Objective

The IA objective is to provide its members with a broad range of services to support their business, to facilitate communications and exchanges between members, to help accelerate their expansion plans and to promote Italian culture.

  • Cultural Activities: Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, Movies, Language Classes, etc.
  • Business Activities: Trade Show, Networking, Start-Up, Business Consulting, etc.
  • Administrative Activities: Legal Services, Services for Italian of Arizona, Seminars, etc.
  • Trade relations between associated members in Arizona and between Arizona and Italy.
  • Promote sporting and recreational events between Italy and US
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